A brilliant ball night comes to an end and we are already reminiscing. After a two-year break, Austria’s most important ball gave a welcome sign of optimism and joie de vivre. For this special occasion, Heldwein equipped the young men’s committee and well-known personalities from culture and society, such as the soprano Camilla Nylund and Birgit Reitbauer, co-organizer of the Opera Ball and restaurateur from Steirereck, with shiny pieces of jewellery. Jane Fonda radiated a touch of Hollywood in Vienna, who made the lodge sparkle in Pomellato, provided by Heldwein.

Timeless Elegance on the Big Stage

When the Opernball finally returned to the State Opera on February 16, 2022, chamber singer Camilla Nylund and heroic tenor Andreas Schager interpreted pieces by Franz Lehár and Robert Scholz. The soprano unveiled her elegant evening gown by Jürgen Christian Hoerl (JCH) for the first time. And the noble symphony of diamonds and magnificent tanzanites by Atelier Heldwein was also a well-kept secret until its big appearance. The three-piece set, consisting of a necklace, earrings and a ring, was handcrafted in the in-house workshop of Heldwein and harmonises wonderfully with Nylund’s beautiful robe.

© Michael Pöhn, Camilla Nylund & Anton Saris

Despite the rich tradition of the Opernball, the long break has also brought some changes. This year, a committee of experts took over the organization of the ball. This consisted, among others, of the “Steirereck” restaurateur Birgit Reitbauer, who was provided with jewels from Heldwein’s atelier for the glittering ball night. Her earrings and her ring were made with the finest craftsmanship – the design of her earrings features brilliant-cut diamonds in a setting of 18-carat white gold. Magnificent diamonds in brilliant and trapezoidal cut sparkle in the matching ring.

© Michael Pöhn, Birgit Reitbauer

A Touch of Hollywood in Vienna

As before the long break from the Opernball, a selected star guest was allowed to accompany Richard Lugner to the Ball of Balls. This year he invited Jane Fonda. The Hollywood actress brought glitz and glamor to the Vienna State Opera with her visit to the Opernball. Her radiance was underscored by selected jewels from Milan’s jewelery Maison Pomellato. She wore a diamond set consisting of a ring and earrings from the Iconica collection and a bracelet from the Fantina collection.

© Andreas Tischler, Jane Fonda