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Anton Heldwein, master goldsmith and gemologist, has been running this historic family business (one of the last in its branch) in the fourth generation since 1991. Anton Heldwein devotes himself to it personally, both in business and creatively. In his in-house studio, he combines timelessly classic with modern designs and thus meets the high demands of today’s customers.


Four Generations of
Master Craftsmanship

Four Generations of
Master Craftsmanship

Even one of the most renowned jewellers in Austria started out small. Read here the success story of the rise of a jeweller’s dynasty over the course of more than 100 years. From the ambitious goldsmith’s journeyman to the award of the honourable title of a k.u.k. Court supplier to the redesign of the business premises on Graben.


The first jeweller in the Heldwein family dynasty is born: Anton Heldwein (1865 – 1937). The Heldwein family itself probably came from Neustadt an der Weinstraße in the Palatinate, but Anton was already trained as a goldsmith in Vienna. He worked for the Schwippel company. He passed his master craftsman’s examination with his brother-in-law, the jeweller Julius Hügler, and soon became managing director there. Shortly afterwards, he laid the foundation stone for a successful history, in 1902 to be precise.

Anton Heldwein and his wife Lotte take the plunge and set up their own business.
Incidentally, Lotte, born Siess, herself comes from an influential Viennese jeweller’s family, which does all the less harm as it probably also brings in the necessary financial support for the joint venture. Anton Heldwein now began to design his own jewellery, but also worked closely with renowned artists from the famous Wiener Werkstätte. From here on, one can speak of the ‘meteoric rise’ of the House of Heldwein…

Anton Heldwein is awarded the title of Imperial and Royal Supplier. Purveyor to the Court. It is a high distinction and great honour for the young couple to be allowed to supply the imperial house as a customer. The actual main customer, however, is the Archduke of Austria-Este, Franz Ferdinand. He likes to commission jewellery and noble gifts from the Heldwein jeweller.

The next generation takes the helm. After the death of the old Heldwein, his son Hans takes over the business full of verve. But the war does not stop at the Heldwein family. Hans had to go to the front and his mother ran the business together with his brother Walter. They all survived.

The relocation of the shop opened a new chapter in the family’s history, from the noble Milchgasse in Vienna’s city center to the even more noble Graben, on the corner of Bräunerstraße. The Heldweins and their customers liked it here so much that they have been staying right there. Until today.

Everything is going fine. But then…

Russian soldiers plundered the business from top to bottom. In the following years, the company struggled to rebuild itself. During these lean years – also for the customers – many prefered to have their old pieces of jewellery reworked instead of buying new ones. The Atelier Heldwein thus finally became the heart of the company.

Heldwein brought his son Karlhans into the management. In these years of the economic miracle, Heldwein’s name became known far beyond Vienna – through his jewellery fashion shows with the most renowned couturièrs in the city, such as Adlmüller.

Karlhans Heldwein and his wife Ulli now run the house on Graben. Together they survived the tastefully turbulent 70s and 80s with dignity and style and handed over a flourishing business to their son Anton Heldwein.

Anton Heldwein takes over the management of the company. After completing a degree in economics, national and international experience in trading as well as additional training in management and as a gemmologist, he has successfully led the traditional company into the 21st century. And he rebuilt.

The shop on Graben now has a completely redesigned, modern ambience that impresses with its openness but also discretion. Married for the second time, Anton Heldwein continues to write the successful Viennese family history together with his wife Barbara and their 6 children.

A Piece of Jewellery
Is Only as Good as the
Hands Through Which It Passes.


First Class,

At Heldwein, great importance is attached to a professionally sound and very personal customer advisory service. For Anton Heldwein, this is the calling card and keynote of his company. Behind the scenes, a highly qualified team of goldsmiths, gemmologists, pearl weavers, engravers and sales consultants. This is where the new designs of Atelier Heldwein are created. Here they think, draw, plan, work, solder, grind and file. But they also repair and rework.

Jeweller Heldwein
on the Graben

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