The Atelier

Atelier Heldwein has been producing unique pieces of jewellery by master craftsmen since 1902 – today already in the fourth generation under the creative and technical direction of Anton Heldwein. Characteristics of the jewellery from the Atelier Heldwein is, on one hand, the conceptual use of historical designs from the archives of the house, which are interpreted in a new and modern way. On the other hand, we like to implement ideas and conceptions of our customers in cooperation with our goldsmiths. Atelier Heldwein combines classical aesthetics and traditional Viennese craftsmanship with modern flair – whereby the choice of design, materials and workmanship comes entirely from our Atelier, making all pieces of jewellery unmistakably unique.


Our Jewellery Is Custom-made (made to measure)

We listen to your wishes and ideas in an initial consultation. We then inform you about the material, design, production method and price based on our many years of experience. In this way, together with you, we achieve a unique design in terms of craftsmanship and aesthetics according to your personal ideas, in the usual Heldwein quality.


Together with our team of experts from all fields of jewellery manufacture, we also offer you a high-performance service for reworking and repairs in addition to our own creations and customized special designs.


Turn Old
into New

Entrust us with your old or damaged pieces of jewellery – we will lovingly restore them by hand or create new pieces of jewellery for you to enjoy for a long time to come. Thus, you can enjoy the generations of experience of our workshop and its interaction with the most modern techniques!


The Master

Our in-house jewellery collections have always been designed and manufactured according to the high standards of the decades-old Viennese craftsmanship tradition. As a sign of this quality. Each piece is signed with the famous Heldwein hallmark. It is the predicate for the high creative and craftsmanship value of each individual object from our Atelier


for The Hallmark

The hallmark was created by Hans Heldwein shortly after he had moved his business to the Wiener Graben. As is so often the case with artists, the inspiration came to him while looking out of the window. When he saw the famous Plague Column on Graben, the image of the now in-house Hallmark immediately came to his mind. In the base of this baroque column Heldwein saw the letter H, in the heavenly clouds above it an A – the initials of the founder Anton Heldwein. Based on this vision, he created a stylised design for the master hallmark of the house. Until present, it is the final seal of quality of the master on each piece of jewellery.