The Spirit of Pearls

From time immemorial, pearls have awakened fantasies and conquered hearts. In our own goldsmith’s workshop, we carefully handcraft pieces of jewellery of exceptional design that skilfully showcase the shimmering cultured pearls. Handmade in Germany.


Today, Jörg Gellner runs the company founded in 1967 by his parents Heinz and Tove Gellner, in the second generation. And with great passion. Spirit of Pearls is the name of the combination of business virtue and passion for jewellery. And this spirit has made a success story out of selected beautiful, cultured pearls and design.


of pearls

Every cultured pearl is unique. It requires experience and expertise to assess its value and determine its quality with certainty. Jörg Gellner makes his selections at the most renowned cultured pearl farms worldwide with a trained eye and a sure instinct. The long-standing and close personal relationship with leading breeders guarantees reliability and quality in a special way. And it enables the acquisition of many exclusive cultured pearl rarities.

»Beauty comes
famously from within«

Our pearls are the perfect proof of that. And our mission at Gellner is to give this beauty the right stage, full of passion.” – Jörg Gellner

Gellner is a private name and an official brand. The two are inextricably linked. From this we derive the obligation to bear special personal responsibility. – For our employees, their labour and their workplace. For our business relationships, which are characterised by commercial clarity and interpersonal truth. For the sensible use of resources, which helps to protect the ecosystem of the oceans and thus the home of cultured pearls.

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Where to find us
Where to find us