The new “Talking Pieces” embody contemporary Italian Design

For 2021, Pomellato celebrates its Maison’s singular style with striking new Brera jewels, crafted for the chic fashionista. Enriched with Italian flair and masterful craftsmanship, new Brera creations include an ‘ear cuff,’ dangle earrings, and two between-the-finger rings.


In the artful curves of Milan, Brera jewels recall the city district area from which they draw their inspiration. Pomellato crafts an “ear cuff” to arch along the whole ear, in precious rose gold and brown diamonds.

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For a more swinging occasion, Brera’s dangle earrings in rose gold or rose gold and brown diamonds, echoing of the Pomellato chain.

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Two Brera between-the-finger rings – in one or two-finger designs – curve into circles of resplendence of rose gold and rose gold with brown diamonds.

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.