Pomellato presents a second series of Fantina jewels. First unveiled in 2020, Fantina continues to embrace the equestrian world with an unerring sense of Milanese style.

Named for the Italian word for female jockey, Fantina rekindles founder Pino Rabolini’s love of horses. When he stated his wish to ride his own destiny, his father exclaimed, “You’d better pick a winning horse!” This prompted him to name his new venture Pomellato, the Italian adjective describing the unusual coat of a dapple-gray horse. Since then, Pomellato has remained untamed by convention and blazes a trail with its innovative jewellery designs.

Building on the success of the Fantina jewels, Pomellato now introduces two new looks. The first are minimalist and sophisticated designs making them easy to wear during the day. Delicate earrings accompany necklaces that can be worn as sautoirs or lariats in rose gold with or without diamonds and in white gold and diamonds.

The necklaces are complemented by matching earrings in the simple form of a swooping curve of gold. A small articulation allows the smooth gold twists to gently sway to catch the light. Available with or without the addition of 42 diamonds, these minimalist earrings provide a modern take on a classic design.

Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and the Pomellato Boutique Vienna.