A new, exciting special collection of the Danish jewelry brand Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

The BoHo collection is the beginning of an extraordinary new line by fine jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard. Here we find her inspiration in the Art Nouveau period, the Bohemian lifestyle, and Mother Nature’s wonders. The pieces are handcrafted in the artisan workshop in Copenhagen and are individually shaped. The unique gemstones are set with selected precious diamonds in textured 18 karat yellow gold.

The story behind…

Charlotte Lynggaard visited Pietrasanta in Italy together with her husband, Michel. For centuries, Pietrasanta has been the hotspot for sculptors due to the local Carrara marble and the professional bronze casters and stone carvers in the town.

Here, she took a sculpture course and created larger reliefs – giving her inspiration to build up a ring in a different way.

Over a year ago, Charlotte Lynggaard created the first BoHo ring for
herself. She has been wearing it almost every day since in order to perfect the shape.



Available at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna and at Select The Concept Store – Seitzergasse 1-3, Vienna.