Mon Jeu chain is a reinterpreted classic that revolutionizes the traditional chain concept.

Thanks to its pure design, the boldness of its combinations and the luxury of its minimalism, this piece of jewelry exemplifies the unconventional vision of Vhernier.
The bracelet consists of 12 links and can be composed according to personal preference, choosing between different materials and techniques: for example, the classic rose gold, white gold, plain titanium, titanium links with full diamond pavé or Vhernier’s Stellato pavé.
The simple design and the different combinations of materials make Mon Jeu a piece of jewelry that stands for creative freedom and non-conformism, a piece beyond gender and conventions.
The bracelet can be expanded by simply playing with the links, allowing you to add modules and create different link sequences at any time. Thus, Mon Jeu becomes a necklace, a short or long chain, a double or triple chain…. and why not a belt?

Available at Jeweler Heldwein Vienna.