DoDo Novelties 2020

The new 🐝bee & honey drop charms

DoDo makes its collection of charms sweeter and more precious than ever, with the launch of these new pendants in the shape of a ‘bee’ and a ‘honey drop’: two sophisticated, graceful shapes inspired by our love for the planet and its beautiful creatures, whether they are represented by small animals or by symbols of life and health that evoke the extraordinary resources of nature.

The 3D profile of the bee, with its miniscule wings and contrasting black stripes, is an eyecatcher. This busy little insect, made of 18K yellow gold, comes in a super-precious version with black and white diamonds, or in a simpler version with black enamel decorations the same as those on the original ear studs.

The same highly skilled artisan technique is used for the 18K ‘honey drop’ charm in yellow gold, whose beauty holds little secrets: the base of the mother-of-pearl pendant captures the cabochon honey drop in recycled glass, giving it a silky transparency and an organic appearance.

Available from Euro 190,- at Juwelier Heldwein Vienna - Graben 13 -  and in the DoDo Pop Up Store Vienna - Kohlmarkt 16 (till end of April 2020).

Dodo Biene

Dodo Biene4

Dodo Biene2

Dodo Biene3


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