Brilliant insights: Atelier Heldwein’s Making of “Becoming a true HERO” event

On November 9th, the Heldwein on Wiener Graben opened its doors for a special event: the making of “becoming a true HERO” by Atelier Heldwein. The event consisted of an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship and design that make Heldwein a true jewel of Vienna.

The guests were invited on a journey through the history of the jewelry trade. The careful development of the design process from the raw stone to the breathtaking piece of jewelry was presented. Stone and craftsmanship are the focus at Heldwein – they form the basis for every individual piece of jewelry from the in-house Heldwein studio.

What was particularly impressive was the setting up of a gemstone laboratory directly in the salon for the duration of the event. Here guests were able to experience up close the magical transformation of gemstones into artistic pieces of jewelry. The transparency of this process gave the event a unique touch and enabled an exclusive insight into the metamorphosis from a valuable gemstone to a unique piece of jewelry.

The Making of “Becoming a true HERO” event was not only informative but also inspiring. It showed that true HEROES are not only made of gemstones, but also of passion, craftsmanship and attention to detail.