Jewelery For Him

In recent years, the trend towards men’s jewelery has continued to increase. More and more men wear jewelry to express their personal style and individuality. Although jewelry has traditionally been viewed as a feminine accessory, this has changed a lot in today’s fashion world. Juwelier Heldwein presents the latest motifs, a unique combination from the Atelier Heldwein and shows that men can do it too.

In addition to our classic bracelets and rings from the “Signature” series, whose design immediately gives even a simple outfit more personality, men’s jewelery is also becoming increasingly colourful. For example, a color statement can be made with one of our bracelets from the “Rainbow” collection. You can find inspiration for the perfect look for him on our new subjects and in our shop at Graben 13. We would be happy to advise you personally and show you how exciting men’s jewelery can be.